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Revived Time

September 20th 15:00 Tsinandali Alexander Chavchavadze House Museum and Archive of Internal Affairs of Georgia present an exhibition “Revived Time.”Ancestral watch will start ticking again at Alexander Chavchavadze House Museum. Golden pocket watch will be presented to public for the first time. It already transferred into the third century and together with its owner, has seen a lot of troubling times.This exhibition is dedicated to the descendants of Chavchavadze family and represents their life during the years of Soviet terror. The main piece of the exhibition is the golden pocket watch of Alexander Z. Chavchavadze (1870-1930) Junior. Museum also presents rich material from the former Georgian KGB archives, now housed under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. This exhibition sheds light to tragic life of Alexander Chavchavadze and his family members. On September of 1930, Alexander was shot by the order of Soviet “Troika” for coup in Georgian SSR and trying of reinstating monarchial regiment in the country.Pocket watch was bought by Alexander Jr. in St. Petersburg in 1893 from Pavel Bure, the imperial clocksman. This time piece is unique and it features Georgian letter initials of Alexander Chavchavadze and family crown.Pavel Bure’s watches are represented in leading museums of the world. From now on Tsinandali Alexander Chavchavadze House-Museum will join them with this exhibition.Golden pocket watch was auctioned in January of 2018 in USA. Tsinandali Museum with the help of Silk Road Group bought the piece. Former owner of the watch was the descendant of Alexander Chavchavadze, the US resident David Chavchavadze. He in turn received this time piece from his father Pavel Chavchavadze, who carried it since 1918, when he emigrated from Georgia. Pocket watch counted minutes in emigration first with Pavel and then with David till it returned in Georgia in 2018, exactly 100 years later.On 20th of September Tsinandali Museum will tell the story of this golden time piece and its owner Alexander Cahvchavadze during the era of Soviet Repressions.



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